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Arcadia Communities develops and operates quality Senior Living Communities and takes to heart the words from our mission statement every day and with every life we touch. With nearly 100 years of combined experience developing and operating Senior Living Communities, our leadership team understands the unique needs and desires of our seniors and strives to fulfill individual goals, personal health and social relationships.

And we have FUN! “We are blessed to have an outstanding team who works hard each day to create an active, fun, and engaging environment for our residents to enjoy.  Clearly you can see in this TikTok that Arcadia ladies take the “fun” part of that to a new level.  We firmly believe that all stages of life should be filled with opportunities for enjoyment and laughter, and it is so heartwarming to see our residents having fun and living life to the fullest with their friends and neighbors.  That’s what Arcadia Senior Living is all about.”  - Brian Durbin, President Arcadia Communities

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One size does not fit all, so at Arcadia Communities we offer seniors a variety of care options. Our beautifully designed community offers residents many unique amenities and services designed to support an active and care-free lifestyle. In doing so, we strive to fulfill individual goals, personal health and social relationships. Whether you choose Independent, Assisted or Memory Care, our care options provide residents with choices, while continually addressing the changing needs of our seniors with the support they require.

*Availability of services may vary by location.

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Young family member embracing a resident at Arcadia Communities in Louisville, Kentucky
Pulled pork sandwich at Arcadia Communities in Louisville, Kentucky
Resident playing pool at Arcadia Communities in Louisville, Kentucky
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Our Mission

We respect and honor our elders by building communities dedicated to supporting their individual needs, promoting independence and enriching lives. We encourage an ongoing connection to families, friends and communities.

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What Others Are Saying

"My Mother-in-law truly is living her best life in the Stilley House! The other residents are kind, and the staff members are helpful, friendly, and caring. The food is prepared by a chef, she eats her meals in a beautiful dining room, has all the fun activities available that she cares to participate in, and has a personalized, private room with her own bathroom." - Shirlee

"The staff is attentive and caring, meeting residents' needs on an individual basis that allows them to live at their highest levels of independence and quality of life - with support and assistance when needed. The community is like a family, and as a regular service provider within, I would not hesitate to trust them in caring for a loved one." – Steffin

"I am blessed with dedicated, caring staff 24/7, a concierge to answer your questions and provide guidance, and staff to clean your apartment. I cannot say enough about the staff who I refer to as “Angels” who are always available to help, whether it be to encourage me with painting pursuits or listen when I need a friend." – Anneliese

"The food is good, and the staff is amazing. They had a “picnic” for families this evening with all kinds of fancy foods and music. My dad, who has progressing dementia, even said “Today was a good day.” That hasn’t happened in years! Thank you, Stilly House, for wrapping your arms around my parents and helping them have a great day, every day!" - Jennifer

Residents playing the piano at a Arcadia Communities community
A cute curly-haired dog at a Arcadia Communities community
Resident whispering to a staff member at a Arcadia Communities community
Fancy meal at a Arcadia Communities community
Residents laughing over breakfast at a Arcadia Communities community
Caretaker holding a residents hands at Arcadia Communities in Louisville, Kentucky
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